The world has become a dangerous place, so letting your children run wild is simply not an option like it was 20 years ago. Parents choose instead to take their children to the playgrounds: safe spaces designed for children in which they can play to their hearts’ content. Not all parents however have the luxury of taking their children to the playground every day, or even every week. They may work full time, sometimes two or three jobs. How do you ensure that your child has a ‘normal’ childhood while keeping them safe at the same time? Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether the locations in which your play regularly are safe.

Not Too Close To Traffic

Every child seems to be born with a fascination for things that move, so of course they make a beeline for the nearest car. Unfortunately, vehicles can be deadly. While older children understand the perils of playing on the streets, younger ones do not comprehend the dangers so when selecting a space where they can run and play, make sure that it isn’t so close to traffic that there is a risk of your child even accidently falling onto the road. The best option would be somewhere that is separated by a fence from the road.

The Ground Must Be Steady

Local regulations now prohibit construction of ground that is unstable, so there are lots of open spaces around sites deemed too dangerous to be developed. Toxic waste sites and burial grounds of septic tanks are classic examples of how the top can conceal a shaky underneath.

This is because early septic tanks and drums for holding toxic waste were not made of concrete, which does not corrode with the acidic contents. Therefore, old dumping sites are potentially dangerous as they can fall away quickly under the slightest pressure. If there is open land and you don’t know why, make inquiries before you let your children play there.

Safe from Strangers

There are plenty of alleys and empty roadways that older children and adults use in and around neighbourhoods to conduct shady business. Small children might try to go exploring and put themselves in harms’ way. Drill it into your child’s head that they should not play in places where there seems to be gangs of older children and adults hanging around. They sometimes use smaller children to transport drugs and do other illegal activities as they are never suspected. Not only does this implicate your child in crimes, it also affects them negatively in self esteem and mental development. So make sure they do not associate closely with anyone out of their age league without your supervision.